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The Wikipedia of Wireless Headphones, headsets, earbuds with reviews and guided tips to get you going. Find out the Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

Best Wireless Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones and Headsets


Bone Conduction Headphones For Swimming

Choosing headphones for normal use is very easy, but buying a pair to enjoy some music while swimming, is a lot different! If you are a regular swimmer, then why not add something sci-fi to add some tune and rhythm to your daily routine?

Wireless Headphones Guided Tips

Guide to Selecting Wireless Headphones


Difference between on ear and over ear headphones

Today buying a headphone is the same as buying a smartphone, because there are a ton of options available that can easily confuse one. It is way too easy to lose yourself in the flashy ads and commercials of headphones, not to mention the

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On An Airplane?

There is a lot of confusion about this question, can you use Bluetooth headphones on an airplane? Here is your answer.Quick answer is Yes, u can.Airplane journeys are usually a boring affair. This means you have to look for ways to stay entertained to

How To Listen To TV With Wireless Headphones?

How To Listen To TV With Wireless Headphones? Planning to watch that late night football match or a catch movie at home without disturbing the others? We have got the perfect solution you were waiting for. You can now enjoy your TV time

Funny Gadgets and Gifts Ideas


Creative Cat Headphone Stand for Apple AirPods

Fed up of misplacing your Apple AirPods? Well, let catty remarks not bother you anymore with this cute catty AirPods stand. Creative and versatile, you can use this to hold cables, pens, and headbands too. It is lightweight and

Disney Mickey Mouse Headphones T-Shirt

Bored of the same tees in your closet? It’s time you got a fashion upgrade. The perfect addition to the jeans-and-tee guy’s wardrobe, this fun Disney Mickey Mouse T-shirt will amp up the funk factor in a jiffy! Wear

Headphone, Headset and Earbud Reviews


Sony MDR 7506 Headphones Review and Specifications

Sony MDR-7506 Headphone is one of the awesome and high quality, unobtrusive, lightweight headphone got ntroduced way back in 1991.  One of the favorite headphone for the recording engineers and sound professionals. Key Features of Sony MDR 7506: Good audio reproduction Lightweight and comfortable design Folding Construction: Compactness in storage

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones – Review

Sony ch700n set itself apart from the competition but also competes them with higher-end brands like the Sony MDR 1000x and the Bose QC35. These do have noise canceling and they’re all the noise canceling level like right underneath bows and the MDR 1000x. But you’re paying a lot less for these. Key Features of Sony WH-CH700N:

SoundPEATS Q30 Plus Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic and IPX6 Rating – Review

Soundpeats Q30 Plus is perfect for running, jogging and in zym. Earbuds are light weighted, long lasting and durable. The earbuds offer ergonomics ear hooks, and 10mm drivers deliver high-fidelity stereo sound quality. Soundpeats Q30 Plus is upgraded version Q30, which was a HIT among consumers. The Sounpeats is working hard to make high quality products and have succeeded so far. If

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