There is a lot of confusion about this question, can you use Bluetooth headphones on an airplane? Here is your answer.

Quick answer is Yes, u can.

Airplane journeys are usually a boring affair. This means you have to look for ways to stay entertained to keep boredom at bay. Bluetooth Headphones for Airplane

And there is no better alternative to this than plugging into your favorite music and forgetting the difficulties of the flight journey.


How Can I Use Headphones on an Airplane?

Note that the use of cellular data is completely prohibited in airliners. Further, the global rule is that travelers are prohibited from using devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and bigger than Smartphones.

However, the extent to which this ban is executed depends on the airliners that you decide to travel with.

The general rule is that you are supposed to switch your Bluetooth off during the time of Taxi, take off and landing. Needless to say that the device you decide to connect with should be on flight mode throughout the flight.

Remember that the device you use should be able to connect with your headphone while it is operating in flight mode.

In most devices, there is an option to turn the Bluetooth on manually after you switch on the flight mode. This is because the flight mode automatically switches off all other connections.

Further, if your airline has an entertainment system, you will not be able to connect your Bluetooth headset to it. You will have to use a wired connection to use the facility. Note that different airlines have different policies for the use of gadgets.

Therefore, it is advisable to confirm the rules with the airlines before using your headsets on board.

Why Should You Use Headphone In Airplane?

Airplane journeys have brought distant places closer by enabling the quick transition between places. Despite this, it takes a few hours to travel from one place to another. One has to stay seated for most of the journey which makes entertainment a must during flights.

The best way to keep yourself entertained is by listening to music without any disturbances which are accomplished using a headset. These can help you indulge in whatever you are seeing or enjoying without letting external matters disturb you, and without disturbing your co-passengers.

Bluetooth headsets are common nowadays due to their added level of comfort and convenience in use.

These headphones are easy to carry and can be used without having to worry about wires, and are as compact as you can expect.

These headsets come in handy during the otherwise hectic long journeys and have become an integral part of travelers’ kit while on flight journeys.

Which Headphone To Use – With Wires And Wireless Both

Depending upon the airlines you are traveling with, you may use headphones of your choice. If the airlines allow the use of Bluetooth devices, you can use wireless earbuds. Bear in mind that cellular data is strictly prohibited in all the airlines.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are permitted in most airlines. However, all UK airlines prohibit their use. There are certain restrictions on airlines regarding the use of wireless earbuds that come with a mic. Besides, you may be asked to switch off the Bluetooth during takeoff and landing.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones have the facility to transmit and receive signals with your device. These Bluetooth earbuds provide an enjoyable stereo voice.

In certain airlines, the rule regarding the use of headphones is different from the rest. For instance, Qatar Airlines and Emirates do not allow the use of wireless earbuds for those traveling to the United States of America.

Furthermore, Turkish Airlines have included the use of headphones under their list of prohibited items.

Remember that the primary reason behind the banning of wireless Bluetooth headphones by many airlines is safety. They advocate such rules so that the passengers are not stuck and helpless in a potentially dangerous situation.

For example, the use of a noise-canceling headphone is completely off the charts for some airlines.

Final words

So finally coming to the question “can you use Bluetooth headphones on plane”?

Well, all airliners prohibit the use of cellular data in the airplane. To know if the use of headphones is legal is recommended to refer to the airline company.

Generally, Bluetooth headphones are allowed inside airplanes.

You are free to use them during the long hours of flight and keep yourself entertained. However, as a thumb rule, the use of cellular data is strictly prohibited during takeoff, taxiing, and landing.

Besides, some airlines also provide built-in entertainment systems which cannot be used with Bluetooth headphones. Apart from this, it is legal to use Bluetooth headphones on the airplanes.