Difference between on ear and over ear headphones

Today buying a headphone is the same as buying a smartphone, because there are a ton of options available that can easily confuse one. It is way too easy to lose yourself in the flashy ads and commercials of headphones, not to mention the

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On An Airplane?

There is a lot of confusion about this question, can you use Bluetooth headphones on an airplane? Here is your answer.Quick answer is Yes, u can.Airplane journeys are usually a boring affair. This means you have to look for ways to stay entertained to

How To Listen To TV With Wireless Headphones?

How To Listen To TV With Wireless Headphones? Planning to watch that late night football match or a catch movie at home without disturbing the others? We have got the perfect solution you were waiting for. You can now enjoy your TV time

10 Best Studio Speakers Ever

Today we review the best studio speakers for your home, semi-professional or even professional studio, whether you have a budget or have saved a good chunk of money. The studio monitors are exceptional in terms of sound accuracy, especially for musicians and producers

5 Best Headphones Under 200 USD

Why should one buy these products? Build factor - This feature plays the major role in judging the durability of a product. Here, the listed headphones have superior built quality and robust cables which are made to last. Sound factor  - For a

How do Wireless Bluetooth headphones work?

How do Wireless Bluetooth headphones work ? Wireless Bluetooth headphone works solely with the help of radio waves instead of wires or cables. Bluetooth equipped headset can be connected to your cell phone, computers or your smartphones. Bluetooth systems create a personal-area network

9 Best wireless bluetooth headphones to buy

With the Best wireless bluetooth headphones, you can have the great sound quality without the annoying wires. Whether you are listening to your favorite music or watching the latest action movie, you will love these fantastic headphones. Wireless bluetooth headphones use bluetooth technology (

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