Today buying a headphone is the same as buying a smartphone, because there are a ton of options available that can easily confuse one. It is way too easy to lose yourself in the flashy ads and commercials of headphones, not to mention the varieties and countless features that come with each type.

If you explore the market, you will find that there are 2 main types of headphones that are most popular – the On-ear headphones and Over-ear headphones.

But which one is better for you? Which one should you select?

Let us find it out here.


What is the main difference between on ear and over ear headphones?

Here is something to help you keep on track about the two most popular headphone types and their contrasting feature:

On-ear headphones are generally smaller in size and they literally fit snuggly around your ears. This specialty of theirs has been earning them a lot of fame since their launch. While they don’t cover your ears fully, the small size adds into your convenience. You can stuff it inside your purse and carry them anywhere you want with ease.

On the other hand, over earphones headphones are traditional and reliable. If you desire an immersive musical experience, then over-ear headphones would be your BFF definitely, as they cover your ears entirely. The only drawback is, these headphones are large and thus carrying them everywhere can turn out to be an issue.

On-ear headphones – benefits

In case you are considering owning a pair of on-ear headphones, you would be getting benefits like:

  • Carry them anywhere and everywhere, their small size is definitely a prominent perk
  • Fits snuggly around your ears, creating a nice seal
  • Carry them on to airplanes and you would be barred from the surrounding noise, all thanks to its noise canceling feature
  • In comfort, on-ear headphones are a win-win as they don’t make you sweat profusely
  • Although the sound quality of this type of headphones are undoubtedly good, it depends upon the price range of the headphones you are willing to buy
  • The musical journey will never stop, as the high battery backup is here to back you up
  • The ability to fold it will allow you to stuff it inside your purses
  • Comes in a variety of styles and qualities, it’s your pick at the end of the day
  • The ear pads are soft, cushiony and not to forget, quite durable as well.
  • If you want great deep bass, full frequency response sound, you can have it, just research a bit about the brands offering it.

Over-ear headphones – benefits

Now let’s check out how the over-ear headphones fare on the basis of the same parameters:

  • Here comfort is the prime factor because over-ear headphones are designed to cover your entire ear
  • With comfortable ear pads, you would love to wear it for hours and enjoy music
  • The pads are large, soft and sit snugly over the ears
  • The music experience is more immersive and enriching
  • The noise canceling feature would help you immensely in noisy public places
  • Comes with open back styles, it ensures that your ears aren’t covered with sweat and your hair isn’t dripping with sweat.
  • As the pads are made with actual leather or lambskin, durability is not a huge concern
  • The wiring is usually thick, which prevents it from snapping or get pulled on accidentally.
  • The sound quality comes with each and minute technicality you need, high bass, full frequency, a great treble effect and as mentioned, noise canceling.


So these are everything you need in order to make the purchasing decision of your headphones. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a comfortable pair of headphones but don’t mind a slightly larger size, then go for over-ear headphones. But one thing to be kept in mind is, although the sound quality is mind blowing, you would have to carry it all along.

And as for on-ear headphones, they are perfect for listeners who want decent sound quality but in a compact size. The noise-canceling is not something to reckon with, but the ease in which you can carry and use it at all times will work in your favor.