How to to connect wireless Headphones with smart phones? Using wireless headphones while playing the games or watching movies/ TV shows enriches your gaming/ movie experience.

connect wireless Headphones with ipad, iphoneThe main advantages of using wireless headphones while watching TV shows or gaming are listed below:

Mobility: If you use your wired headphones while watching Movies or TV shows, you surely know how messy and bounded you feel while doing that. Even if you have to have to drink water and don’t want to skip the current scene, you have to pause the video while you get the water. Sometimes moving your limbs makes the cable pull your device resulting in disconnection or sometimes damage to your device. With wireless headphones, you can hassle free move around your room and sometimes in the adjoining room without any worry.

Messy Cables: Cables not only restrict you to move while watching Movies/ TV shows or gaming, but they are also messy and get tangled easily. The longer cable you have, the more jumbled they get. Wired headphone users can easily imagine spending a lot of time to untangle their wired headphone cables every time before watching their favorite Movie/ TV Shows. Wireless headphones free you from these annoying and laborious tasks and give you an amazing Movie/ TV show or gaming experience.

Traveling: The most important gear you need while you are on a trip is your headphones. As we already read about the wired headphones above, the inconvenience of messy cables and restricting the movement of your limbs trouble you even more while you are traveling. Managing and using wireless headphones while traveling is much more hassle-free, than using wired headphones. Wired headphones can irritate you, and they may damage while taking them out or packing them back in as you have to take them out and pack them back in several times. Wireless headphones give you freedom and let you accessibly enjoy your music, movies/ TV shows or gaming.

Sports: We all love to listen to the beats while working out in a gym or jogging in a park. Right kind of music plays an important role in inspiring you to work out and keeps you entertained. Using wired headphones restricts you from working out or jogging freely. It may result in damaging your headphones or may result in accidental injury. Wireless headphones, on the other hand, will not cause any restriction while working out or jogging, and you can enjoy your favorite music while doing your favorite exercise.


Connecting to wireless headphones for the first time is a tedious task, and once you are done, your device will connect to the wireless headphones automatically every time you will turn your headphone on. For the first time connection, you can follow the below listed simple steps to connect with your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

How do Wireless Bluetooth headphones work

How to connect bluetooth headphones to iphone

  1. The first thing you need to do is to ensure if your headphones and iPhone have sufficient charge to complete the pairing process.
  2. Put your wireless headphones in discovery mode. Most wireless headphones can be put into discovery mode by long pressing the power button, and you can ensure that your headphones are in the discovery mode as the notification LED will start to blink. For most wireless headphones the blinking LED will be of blue or amber color.
  3. Once your headphones are in discovery mode, open Settings in your iPhone and open Bluetooth and if it is not turned on then turn it on.
  4. After the Bluetooth is turned on, your existing devices will be listed as My Devices, and below My Devices, your iPhone will start searching for the discoverable devices in the proximity.
  5. Your new wireless headphones will be listed as Other Devices, if there are more than one new devices listed there which may happen when you do this activity at a public place, then you can figure out which one is your new wireless headphones as their name will probably be the same as the Make or Model of your headphones. Tap on the name of your wireless headphones on your iPhone to start the pairing process.
  6. After the pairing process starts, your iPhone may ask for a PIN or Passkey, which probably will be 0000 and if it is not 0000 then you can check the documentation of your wireless headphones, and you will know for sure what PIN or Passkey you need to enter, so as to finish the pairing process.
  7. Once you have entered the PIN or Passkey, you are all set, and you can start using your wireless headphones and experience the independence from messy cables.

Steps to connect wireless headphones with iPad

  1. Make sure if your headphones and iPad are charged.
  2. Turn on your headphones in discovery mode. This can be done by pressing the power button for a few seconds, if not you can refer the documentation to know the exact procedure to do this.
  3. Now open Settings on your iPad, go to Bluetooth and turn the Bluetooth on.
  4. Two sections will be displayed in the Bluetooth settings My Devices and Other Devices. Check in the Other Devices section for your wireless headphones.
  5. Touch on the headphones listed in Other Devices section and enter the PIN/ Passkey if prompted for. The PIN or Passkey for your new headphones will be Brand/ Model specific. Check the documentation if you cannot figure out the PIN/ Passkey.
  6. After you have completed the pairing process, your device will appear in the My Devices section which means you can use your new wireless headphones with your iPad now.

Steps to connect wireless headphones with iPod

  1. Your new headphones and your iPod should be amply charged before you start the pairing process.
  2. Start the discovery mode in your wireless headphones by pressing the power button for a few seconds. The LED of your wireless headphones will start blinking which means you have accomplished the first step of putting your wireless headphones in discovery mode.
  3. On your iPod, go to Settings -> Bluetooth and turn it on.
  4. You will see your iPod searching for devices and list them under Other Devices. Wait for your new headphones to be listed there.
  5. You can figure out that your new headphones are listed there by the name of the Brand Name or Model number of your new wireless headphones. Tap on your headphones listed in Other Devices and your iPod will start pairing with the headphones.
  6. You may get a prompt to enter the PIN or Passkey to pair with the headphones. For PIN or Passkey refer the documentation of headphones and punch it in and the pairing process will finish.
  7. Congratulations, your new headphones are now successfully paired and connected to your iPod.


Now you know that wireless headphones have the edge over wired ones in terms of comfort and convenience, and they make you feel free while watching your favorite Movie/ TV Show or while gaming. But, like every coin has two faces, wireless headphones also have a few constraints. Wireless headphones lag behind in sound quality, but this limitation is restricted in low-cost wireless headphones only. Flagship wireless headphones have amazing sound quality and are best suited for professionals or audiophiles, but if you are looking for a budget model, then you have to compromise a little with the sound quality.

Good Luck!