Jabra Elite Active 65T Pairing

  • Ensure the right earbud is turned off and not in the charging case.
  • To manually turn off the earbud, hold the Multi-function button until the LED flashes red.
  • Next, hold the Multi-function button on the right earbud for 5 seconds until you hear the connection instructions in the earbud and the LED flashes blue.
  • Release the button, and follow the voice-guided instructions to pair to your smartphone.
  • You may need to hold the Volume down button for 1 second on the left earbud to turn it on.

Jabra Elite Active 65T Pairing

Jabra Elite 85h Pairing

  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Touch Pair new device
  • Ensure the JABRA ELITE 85h is turned On
  • Press and hold the Multi-function button
  • Release the Multi-function button when the Bluetooth light flashes blue
  • Touch the JABRA ELITE 85h in the list of devices
  • The JABRA ELITE 85h is now paired
  • The JABRA ELITE 85h and Your smartphone are now ready to be used

Jabra Elite Active 45e Pairing

  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on
  • Select Pair new device this will start the phone searching for devices
  • Ensure the JABRA ELITE 45e is turned Off
  • Press and hold the Multifunction button
  • Release the Multifunction button when the Bluetooth light flashes blue
  • Select the JABRA ELITE 45e in the list, If a pin code is required type in 0000 (4 zeros)
  • If requested, enter the passkey 0000 (4 zeros)
  • The JABRA ELITE 45e is now paired

Jabra Elite Active 45e