How To Listen To TV With Wireless Headphones? Planning to watch that late night football match or a catch movie at home without disturbing the others?

We have got the perfect solution you were waiting for. You can now enjoy your TV time and let others enjoy their peace and quietude. Go for a wireless headphone that can be connected to your TV through Bluetooth; it comes with loads of benefits.

Benefits of using wireless headphones to watching TV

  • You get the liberty to watch TV whenever you want to, even in the middle of the night, without disturbing others while they sleep.
  • Wireless headphones are easy to use as you do not have to stay physically tethered to your TV. You can watch TV with utmost ease while sitting on your couch, and also move around freely with the wireless headphones on.
  • Turning up the volume usually affects the sound quality if the TV speakers are not that great. Besides, the volume can be a problem for the other person who is watching TV with you. So, in order to eliminate this problem, both of you can use wireless headphones connected to the TV, and regulate the volume individually from your own headphones, without impacting the other one.


Using Bluetooth Wireless headphone with a smart TV

It is great if you have a smart TV which has Bluetooth feature in it… enjoy watching your favorite show with your best friend, sibling or partner.

A Bluetooth enabled smart TV can make your TV watching experience truly fulfilling! Lie on your bed or couch with a bucket full of popcorn and enjoy the great shows without causing trouble to others.

For Android TVs

In case you have an android TV the process of pairing up your Bluetooth headphone with your Android TV is simple.

  1. First, activate the pairing mode in your headphone
  2. Then select the settings option in your TV and switch on the Bluetooth
  3. Search for Bluetooth devices, as the headphone appears select and pair your TV with your headphone.

For Apple TVs

Now, in case you have an Apple TV, all you have to do is –

  1. Switch on the pairing mode of your headphone
  2. Then go to the settings option of your TV
  3. Select the remotes and devices option
  4. Then switch on the Bluetooth, and wait till the searching is done. When you see your headphone has appeared just pair it with the TV and you are good to go.


For Amazon Fire TV

In the case of Amazon Fire TVs, the steps are more but at the same time, the process is incredibly simple.

  1. First, like usual, switch on the pairing mode of your headphone
  2. Then select the settings option in your Amazon Fire TV
  3. Next, you will need to select the controllers and Bluetooth devices
  4. Then select the other ‘Bluetooth devices’ option
  5. The final step is to wait for your headphone to appear under the discovered devices after the searching is done. And once it appears, just complete the pairing and enjoy.

What if your TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth feature?

How To Listen To TV With Wireless Headphones? Suppose your TV doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature, what will you do? How will you connect your TV to your Bluetooth headphone?

Do not worry; in this case, you can always take the help of a Bluetooth adaptor.

A Bluetooth adaptor has the ability to connect to the audio input of your television. Now with the help of the adaptor sound gets transmitted to your Bluetooth headphone (roughly, the range is 30 ft).

  • Connect the adaptor to your television through a standard audio cable (3.5mm analog jack)
  • Then pair your Bluetooth headphone with the adaptor. Generally, the batteries of these adaptors are robust and can stay alive up to 15 – 20 hrs straight (in case you are opting for a good Bluetooth adaptor).
  • If you get a good adaptor then you can pair two Bluetooth headphones with the adaptor simultaneously… great isn’t it?

So this is how you make your TV a smart TV and enjoy the perks of having a Bluetooth headphone. There are many Bluetooth headphones available in the market which will not burn a hole in your pocket.


So, by now, you must have understood the utility and the merits of using a wireless headphone with Bluetooth feature. Try one today, we know once you start using it, you will love it and people will love you too for they will no longer get disturbed while you watch your favorite show in absolute peace.