Are wireless headphones bad for you? are wireless headphones dangerous? are wireless headphones safe? Well, let us find out all about it right now.

Well, agree or not, music is life and there is no way we can spend a single day without headphones.

myths about headphones radiations and hearing lossGiven a choice, many of us would simply love to put on our headphones and keep listening to our favorite tracks all day long. But a popular confusion has been going in rounds for the last few years – ‘are bluetooth headphones safe?’.

All of us have definitely heard people say this a million time. But is this a myth, or is it true? Are under a mist of misconception surrounding headphones?

Lest study in detail first and we will answer all your queries here. 


What is the electromagnetic radiations that headphones emit? are wireless headphones safe?

If you ask what is this radiation it can be simply defined as the radio waves that our cell phones transmit.

Bluetooth Headphones uses the microwave radio frequency spectrum in the 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz range, which is non-ionizing radiation similar as used by mobile phones. No specific demonstration of harm has been demonstrated up to date though.

So when we talk about whether headphones emit electromagnetic radiation or not, the situation is slightly different. While it is definitely not a false claim that mobile phones do emit radiation, in case of headphones, that radiation is very minimal.

In fact, to avoid getting affected by the harmful electromagnetic radiation produced from cellular devices, using a Bluetooth headphone is the wisest option. So we can say using wireless headphones are safe.

Do wired headphones emit radiation?

A wired headpiece will reduce the exposure of your brain and ears to the harmful radiation as the phone is kept away from your body. The more you can keep it away from your body, the more benefited you will be.

It is important to remember that while a wireless headset transmits radiation directly into your ears, the wired headphone release radiation but via a cable and the radiation levels are even more lower as compared to wireless headphones.

While wireless headphones offer convenience and are power packed with great sound quality and features, it might give rise to ill effects if worn for a longer amount of time.

headphone radiations

Are wireless headphones bad or dangerous for you ?

Headphones are in general not involved in any kind of radio wave transmission. Although a wired headphone can emit radiation as you are connected to the mobile devices via chord, but the intensity is really very low. And this is reduced even further in case of headphones that are equipped with Bluetooth technology. It is exactly for this reason and also a ton of convenience issues that most of us prefer to use Bluetooth wireless headphones.

As for wireless headphones, emissions radiated from the Bluetooth should be kept into consideration, but it is worthwhile to know that, they are negligible.

The Bluetooth technology is known to function at the same range of frequency as any mobile phone. But unlike our mobile phones, which can transmit signals to an antenna that might be located about a few kilometers away, Bluetooth can only transmit radiation up to a distance of about 10 meters. But Bluetooth headphones do emit a very low range of microwave frequencies.

Today, consumers who are concerned regarding the low-level headphone radiations can look for various options of EMF free headphones in the market. Moreover, relevant authorities, with the aid of various friendly campaigns, constantly encourage consumers to use Bluetooth headsets. And this is not only to listen to their favorite music but also while talking to others using their smartphones.

In a nutshell, if you talk on your cell phone for a prolonged duration you should make the healthy habit of using a pair of Bluetooth headphone to reduce radition exposure.

Bottom line is NO bluetooth headphones are not bad for you.

Headphones affect hearing and trigger hearing problems – Is this a myth?

No matter how much you love to wear your headphones, not using them the right way can lead to hearing impairment.

While it is good to indulge in music, it is always wise to keep a check on the facts and news. There have been certain instances and shocking reports about the alarming rise in the use of earphones all over the world today. And this has consequently led to the loss of hearing in many people.

But there is something very important to understand here.

The key danger of using headphones or earphones is none other than the hearing volume. To put things in simpler words, if you love to listen to music at very high levels then you are of course compromising your health in the long run.


Well, when you are listening to loud music, the sound waves reach your eardrum causing excessive vibration which is then passed on to your cochlea, a fluid-filled inner chamber that contains millions of minute hair-like structures.

Now, the vibrations upon reaching over to the cochlea cause the fluid to vibrate and the hairs too. When you expose your inner ear to very loud music for prolonged durations these hair-like fine structures inside your ear lose their sensitivity to vibration. And eventually leads to hearing loss.

Do headphones reduce radiation coming from cell phones?

Yes, when you use headphones for various purposes instead of bringing your cell phone directly over your ears, your health would not be compromised.

As a result, your brain is exposed to very fewer amounts of radiation when you use headphones. The reason behind it is, headphones are associated with a negligible amount of radiation. And even if radiation is found, they are very weak and not sufficient enough to form an electromagnetic field.

But your cell phone, on the other hand, can transmit a signal to an antenna located tons of kilometers away so obviously, you are putting yourself in danger over here.

As for headphones, the radiation is emitted but so negligible that cannot be measured, so much cannot be said about it.

But one thing for sure, since your earbuds are in direct contact with your body when you are using them, the high radiation emitted from your phone would reduce considerably.

Is it safe to use headphones while sleeping?

For some, music acts as a medicine to help drifting back to sleep. So some people obviously prefer using headphones even when they are sleeping.

But is it recommended at all? Is this a safe practice?

Although you would get to hear warnings from your family and relatives every now and then about the risk of sleeping while wearing earphones, those are not entirely true.

Yes, you can sleep while enjoying music on your headphones and it would be completely safe provided you use it the right way.

But some risks might appear based on your certain conditions like earwax and otitis externa and therefore before putting your earphones off while at bed, you should check whether you are experiencing any irritation on your ear or not.

The best tip would be to try bed phones which are specifically designed for music listeners just like you so that you can sleep comfortably while losing yourself in the fine melodies.

Is it safe to use headphones while charging your phone or laptop?

Many safety measures are taken while manufacturing a laptop and even the adapter is strong enough to remove all fluctuations in current.

Although the above point holds true, much hasn’t been known about whether listening to headphones plugged to your phone or laptop is completely safe or not.

That is why to be on the safest side, refrain from using headphones while the device is charging.  Also, some reports going around the internet claim that a few individuals got electrocuted while they were listening to music on their laptop via earphones. 

Final wrap-up

We all love to listen to our headphones on our commute, workplace, and gym and even when it is time for us to sleep. But we must always remember to use it safely and go by a few tips so that our health is no way affected.

It must always be kept in mind that if we are aware of the possible side-effects and act responsibly, we get to enjoy our music longer. So please always play your music at no more than 60 percent of your total volume for exactly 60 minutes at a stretch. This would help you prevent hearing loss due to using headphones. As per expert recommendation, we must always listen to music at volume levels that are well lower than 85 Db.

And when you use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music at controlled volumes, you are not only enjoying your favorite music but you are also taking care of your health.