Sony ch700n set itself apart from the competition but also competes them with higher-end brands like the Sony MDR 1000x and the Bose QC35.

These do have noise canceling and they’re all the noise canceling level like right underneath bows and the MDR 1000x. But you’re paying a lot less for these.

Key Features of Sony WH-CH700N:

  • Design and Build Quality

  • Detachable cables.

  • Noise cancellation for quality and Neutral sound.

  • Adjustable EQ

  • Durable – Metal headband extension

  • 4/5 Rating on Amazon



Sony has used this design in several of their different other headphones like the 770, the 780 and so on. I don’t remember all the model numbers but you’ve seen this design before. In fact, you probably walk by these in a store and it’s just not paid any attention to them because they don’t look like anything special.

Build quality

Build quality was it is plastic through here plastic on the ear cups or has a leather headband and some really nice soft ear pads. These are some of the most comfortable ear pads I’ve ever felt and you could wear these things all day.


You get a micro USB cable for charging, charging on these battery lives it’s about 30 hours. It is plenty long enough to sit there and get enough use before you have to worry about charging them up. And then you get a headphone cable for those times when you pick them up and the Batteries dead or in certain devices where you just want to use them plugged in.


All right so it does have NFC pairing on the left-hand side. You also have your power button, your micro USB port for charging, your headphone input, and the noise canceling button. So that you can trigger that on and off now, the right-hand side you have the volume up and down. You have the play/pause, skip/forward, skip/backward.

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless 2

Metal headband extension

Your left and right are marked on the inside part of the headbands and as you can see when you extend it out. They do have a little bit of metal in the headband extension itself. I think anybody with a bigger head small head you’ll be able to find a good fit with these.

Adjustable EQ

Alright, so the first thing you’re gonna want to do and it even tells you this once you pair them to your phone if you’re gonna want to download Sony’s App. Now with that app, you have a ton of features and a ton of different things that you’re able to do. Within the app, you can adjust the EQ. They have their EQ built in and I found that the EQ setting called excited was my favorite. If you just leave it alone it sounds completely fun.

Sound quality

Sony’s do something special they honestly do separately. The bass frequencies from the Mids and the treble in a way that it’s hard to explain. It really does feel like they’re separate drivers for each one even though these are not triple driver headphones.

You’re also able to adjust whether you want it to sound like you’re in a stadium or in a concert all those sound like crap. I don’t recommend those at all. The sound is so spacious. Sound again it’s so punchy if you want it to be if you want it to have more of a flatter sound signature you can the base is still elevated some so people that are wanting true flat response probably won’t be happy.

It’s just a really fun exciting headphone to listen to. It does great across all genres anything like classical. The instrument separation is really crystal clear. But anything like hip-hop and pop just you hears everything. It’s so fluid. It’s never muddy, it’s never just toned. It never feels like it’s tuned in a way where it’s not fun to listen to. And even especially with movies and stuff like that dialogue is extremely clear.


  • It does not have case or bag
  • Cost is on higher range

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Comes with following accessories and you get
  • 1 Headset with manual
  • USB / Micro USB cable
  • 3.5mm AUX cable (for wired use)

Sony WH-CH700N Product Manual

Click here to download User Manual

Watch the demonstration below about the Sony WH-CH700N


I really recommend this Sony ch700n for its better price range, extremely hi-end sound quality, and super comfortable design.

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